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About Us

Our company is based on our love of nature and wildlife and our desire to share it with you. To teach and educate adults and children so that you also will learn to love and respect nature and wildlife and know the importance of us living together in harmony. To show you how amazing nature is and how important it is for us to understand and respect it. About how much joy and peace you can find watching a bird or ducks or a deer grazing, a gator basking on the banks, wild pigs running thou the woods. So many fun and exciting treasures in nature to find and learn

Our guides have a keen eye & a gift of explaining all that you will be experiencing. Guaranteed to hold even the children's attention. Your Naturalist will lead the way.

There's beauty around every bend. Georgia is an annual winter resort for countless birds and waterfowl. It attracts and naturally provides all that the many migratory species and wild creatures need. Food, water, nesting areas and open space. We have seen a cougar, many dolphins, sharks, leather back sea turtles, manatees, deer, feral hogs, big and little alligators and thousands of birds. Bring a full *Water Bottle 


*Sun hat




*Insect repellent

*Comfortable outdoor clothes

*Comfortable shoes

*Bird book if you have one

 Every time we go out into nature it is a new and fun adventure! We never know what thrilling and exciting sights are awaiting us!

We will lead you on an entertaining and informative journey thru our coastal forest wetlands, while we are on the look out for gators, deer, sea turtles, pigs, birds and so much more.

Learn everything you always wanted to know about the amazing wild life here in coastal Georgia while your exploring our coastal estuaries and islands. This is your chance for observations of many very fascinating animals here in Georgia.

We will welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you some of the best service in the industry.


We leave from downtown Savannah Georgia mostly, but if your taking a personalized kayaking trip with us it could be from numerous different boat launch areas.

Call for the departure times of our daily tours as they vary.

We do not provide transportation.

Our guide will ride with you in your car or you can follow them in your vehicle.. 

Departure Times are subject to change with the seasons.

Please remember to phone ahead to book on one of tours. You'll have many great memories to take home and tell your friends and family!

Kayaking Tours

Includes all your equipment, kayak, life jacket, paddles and naturalist guide.

We go out during the day, for sunsets and night paddles. Check out our kayaking page for more info.

Call to book


Gator and Bird Adventures By Vehicle

Tours last approx. 2-3 hrs.

Adults $30.00

‚ÄčKids 6-12 $15.00

Under 6 free

Go into the wilderness to view large 10-15 foot gators, 6-8 foot gators, and 1-3 feet gators, turtles, and many, many beautiful birds and plants.

We are very careful and never go close to the gators. We will view them from a safe distance. They are wonderful creatures to observe as are all the birds and turtles we will find!

We will supply you with binoculars and a interpretive naturalist to guide the way. These are small personalized tours made to fit your needs and wishes.


Cancellation Policy: 48 hrs. notice

Daily Tour Times can Vary:

Please phone to check departure times.



***Please Remember***

**For time slots**

***Call to Book your Tour***


All Tours Approx. 2-3 hrs. long by car.

Or 2 hrs. long by kayak.

Cormorants on driftwood

White Ibis feeding.

The Great Egret

There are so many fascinating things to experience and enjoy in nature here. It is a never ending story!

If you like taking pictures, you will find a wealth of things to photograph in our low country!!

From animals to plants, sunsets to moon rises, beaches to rivers, shells to driftwood!! So much to see and explore here

You could spend a lifetime and never see it all.

You could spend a lifetime and never see it all.

Our soft sandy beaches

Osprey in nest

Naturalist Guides:

Our expert Naturalist tour guides are friendly, helpful, qualified and knowledgeable in the wildlife and nature of Coastal Georgia.

You are guaranteed to enjoy this experience.

Bring your camera's and get ready to go on a peaceful and exciting wildlife adventure!

You'll have some great stories to tell upon your arrival back home.

What to bring on a tour:

American Alligator's Territory

American Alligator's are found from the southern Virginia-North Carolina border, along the Atlantic coast to Florida and along the Gulf of Mexico as far west as the Rio Grandee

in Texas.

It is so important to not throw your garbage out into the wild. Please remember to always make sure all your garbage ends up in the trash can!

We love nature...... in it's true natural state! We need to understand how challenging it is for our wildlife and nature to survive and co-exist along side industrial plants like we have here on the Savannah River. It is so important for us to keep a close eye on how waste management is managed here for us and our wildlife. These are challenging times we live in. Pollution is a huge problem for our wildlife and us. What effects them effects us in the long run. We are all a part of the circle of life. As we say. A butterfly can not flutter it's wings in Japan and it not effect us here.

This is why it is so important that we have wildlife AREAS for the safety and protection of our local wildlife and fauna. To save and protect all that we cherish.

Snow Egret and Brown Pelican

Nesting Great Egrets

If you look in the lower right corner of this photo you will see the 10 ft gator lying there. They are a natural protector for the birds nesting. If they were not there the raccoons would climb the trees and eat the eggs and then there would be no baby birds. The gator only eats the babies that fall from the nest.

Uninhabited island ocean waters edge.